A new folding French window in aluminium with excellent weather performance and good thermal insulation. Innovative technology provides you with stylish design and good comfort. Ideal for homes, balconies, patios, conservatories, restaurants, shops, kiosks and offices.





  • A thermally broken profile system for external use, specifically designed for use with folding sliding doors.
  • Triple-chamber profiles with the frame depths of 72mm ensure optimum thermal insulation.
  • A sliding folding door system that offers large glazed openings with compact storage of glazed doors sections when open. We offer a version with a low threshold that facilitates the movement of handicapped people.
  • Excellent for partitions in single-family houses and commercial buildings.
  • Harmonia is a folding system in which the elements of the leaves are moved to the left, right and sideways. This enables the user to create open spaces with a panoramic view of the surroundings.
  • With Harmonia you can build structures with the maximum dimensions of leaves H = 2900 mm and B = 1000 mm with the weight of the leaf reduced to 90 kg. It is possible to use between 3 and 6 door leaves and more.
  • The designers of Harmonia wanted its profiles to be slender. Thanks to complex hand-rails with a patented design, folding the door leaves is very easy.
  • Special insulation technology using thermal breaks made of polyamide and fibreglass guarantees very good thermal insulation.
  • The profiles in this system are as wide as the profiles in the window and door system Triton, and both systems are fully compatible.
Technical features 
Profile widthFrame 72mm
Leaf 70mm
Post 63 mm
Visible width of the
vertical post
Maximum openingB: 7000mm
H: 2900mm
Maximum leaf weight90kg
Glazing groove height22mm
Glazing-with EPDM glazing seals
-with neutral silicone
Glazing thicknessfrom 4 to 48mm
Maximum leaf weight90kg
Thermal insulationUw from 1,92W/maK
(window with dimensions
3600 mm x 2700 mm
double-glazed 1.0 - 4 sashes)
Air permeability600 Pa
Wind resistance2400 Pa
Water tightness300 Pa




midos bifold

Sapa 1086 folding French window for outwards opening is available with a low or a high sill depending on the performance
you wish. It is fully compatible with other window and door
products from the Sapa Thermo 86 family.

  • Continuous Hinges – Inobtrusive aesthetics, no adjustment required and prevents finger trapping 
  • Polyamide Head Guide Track for improved thermal performance and smooth/quiet operation
  • Multicavity Outer Frame for good thermal insulation
  • Unique Combined Shootbolt & D Handle -Key lockable & Shootbolt and pull handle in one
  • Available in 3, 5 & 7 pane options, types 330, 550 & 770

Sapa 1086 folding French window

Air tightnessClass 4 according to EN 12207
FinishingPowder coating or anodising
FittingsPass door: available with lockable handle.
Folding door: integrated continuous hinges,
magnetic seizure locks the door package in
open position.
Glass thicknessDouble- or triple-glazed: up to 64 mm
Pane optionsCombine up to 7 folding doors
Profile depth86 mm
Sash height, max2300 mm
Sash width, max1100 mm
Security against
wind load
Low sill: class C2 according to EN 12210
High sill: class C3 according to EN 12210
Sill heightLow sill: 18 mm. High sill: 74 mm
U-value1,0 W/m2K, w 1100 x h 2300 mm
(Ug=0,7 W/m2K)
Vent weight, max100 kg
Water tightnessLow sill: class 1A according to EN 12208
High sill: class 9A according to EN 12208
Wheels and track rails Stainless steel



FOD = frame outer dimensions
FOD height: max. 2461 mm high sill, max. 2456 mm with a low sill.
Clear opening height with high sill = FOD – 138 mm. Clear opening height with low sill = FOD – 82 mm.

midos door bi-fold1

FOD width max 3508 mm
Clear opening width = FOD-487 mm

midos door bi-fold2

FOD width max 5734 mm
Clear opening width = FOD-696 mm

midos door bi-fold3

FOD width max 6600 mm
Clear opening width = FOD-905 mm



Handle pass dorr, inside only, lockable
Art. no. 16436 right
Art. no. 16437 left

Handle pass door, inside/outside, can be supplemented with separate cylinder
Fix 83H right
Fix 83V left

Handle pass door, inside/outside, can be supplemented with separate cylinder
Art. no. 16434 right
Art. no. 16435 left

Shootbolt & D Handle, Inside, lockable
Art. no. 16469

midos upvc doors heandle scheme



upvc doors lbox7